Pellowah Testimonials from individuals who have enjoyed the magic of the  Pellowah Attunement Level l & ll – 2 Day Practitioner Workshop.  And those who have experienced  Pellowah Energy Healing as clients.

“In a few short weeks since my Pellowah Level l & ll Attunements with Julie, I can honestly say life has changed. Julie created the most special of containers for the two days, with her magical mix of deep wisdom, gentle space holding and infectious humour. I think it’s very difficult to put into words what to expect from the training, as goodness it passes any and all preconceived ideas!

Pellowah for me was a remembering…a long lost old friend, a rediscovered sense of purpose and place…and this very emotional weekend for me, was a coming home to self.

The last few weeks have been a mix of subtle and powerful “Aha moments” and awakenings, where I rediscovered deep truths, and have taken so many steps forward! They’ve brought clarity and calmness, and there have been similar results with those I’ve had the pleasure to give treatments to.

Life really has changed with Pellowah for the better!  Deeply grateful…”

~ Teresa Walker (South Wales, UK) www.thewomancentredway.com

“I am back in my body for the first time in years! I am experiencing greater clarity and belief in my own self worth, all of which I put down to my training in Pellowah.

I am not a Practitioner, I enrolled in the training because I was looking for clarity and totally got it! Well worth doing even if you do not intend to be a Practitioner!

~ Tors Grantham – The Video Coach www.torsg.co

“The Pellowah training from Julie is amazing. The whole Pellowah energy is awesome enough and with Julie’s open hearted sense of humour and joy the whole experience was beautiful. 

I felt guided every step of the way and Julie held a very special space of love and listening throughout the training.”

~ Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox (East Devon, UK) www.heartandsoulhorizons.com

“Julie channelled grace and unconditional love as she guided me and a group of beautiful healing practitioners through receiving our Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Attunements.

Julie provides a safe and nurturing space that allows you to explore your own spiritual potential and sovereignty.

The Pellowah energy itself is radiant, gifting you with a renewed energy, heightened intuition, and a sense of connectedness to Spirit.

Julie’s training delivery and tools are beautifully crafted, and you feel a part of something special, as you share the experience with fellow practitioners who are awakening to a call to service.”
Thank you Julie and thank you Pellowah

~ Lucy Carr (Holding Space Healing, Brisbane Qld, Australia)

“I am still receiving the gifts of the Pellowah Training I had with Julie nearly 6 months ago! Julie’s love and passion for Pellowah is inspirational in itself and when combined with an energetic, grounded and inclusive facilitation style, you’ll wish the training lasted for two months and not two days!

Julie is the embodiment of love, light and wisdom with plenty of giggles along the way. Thank you Julie for the strength of what you offer…life for me has shifted in incredibly expansive ways!

~ Merryl Simpson (Heart Earth Radiance, Upper Brookflied, QLD, Australia)

I didn’t know what was involved in the 2 day Pellowah training. I soon found myself wishing there were more than 2 days of Pellowah training!

My first day was one of discovery and opened up a new world but at the same time, a familiar one; a day of learning more about myself: respect, dignity and love of what I’ve been put on this Earth as my purpose. On the second day, well, that’s when I came “Home”. That feeling was immensely profound and I would have been happy to sit with it for the longest time with the support and encouragement of my beautiful soul sisters who did the course with me, and our wondrous teacher Julie.

Julie’s light shines so bright, it draws us in and her joyous teaching style is wonderful. Thank you, Julie.

~ Zina Hulbert (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)