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Sandra Rea – Fiercely Spiritual podcast

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking about my journey to Pellowah healing, with Sandra Rea of Angelic Bodies, on her Fiercely Spiritual podcast! It was a joy to have such connection with Sandra, and share the magic of Pellowah! And the many changes in my life since attuning to Pellowah Level l & ll, and then becoming a Pellowah Teacher/Trainer.

Check out further information about Pellowah. Read more on our Pellowah Level l & ll Workshops,  or the Pellowah “Frequently Asked Questions”. If you feel the call, and still have questions, please reach out and make contact.

Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners will find Pellowah is a wonderful addition! Reiki and Pellowah work on different levels. Give your clients exactly what they need by utilising both Reiki and Pellowah healing!

I am excited to be currently based in the UK, bringing this magical Pellowah healing technique to the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and NZ! Workshops can be organised for small private groups.  For current scheduled events visit the Facebook Pellowah Energy Healing page.