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Consciousness, Happiness and Pellowah

Interview with Jamie Rose – The Happiness Ninja on Consciousness, Happiness and Pellowah!

It was great to have a discussion with Jamie and explore these topics in relationship to each other, and the key role Pellowah has to play. Always a joy to share information about Pellowah!

Jamie experienced the joys of Pellowah in 2018 when undertaking a 2 Day Pellowah Level l & ll Workshop. Little did either of us know at the time, we would both end up living overseas on opposite sides of the World!

As Consciousness and Happiness are subjects close to both our hearts, it won’t surprise you to learn we chatted for another 2 hours after the interview was over! So much to explore, and well past 2am before I headed to bed!

Pellowah is an energy healing technique focused on “shifting consciousness”. As we shift our individual consciousness we contribute to the raising of collective consciousness. We are all being called to come into the truth of who we are, recognise, and live from our Sovereignty. When we shine, we also enable others to shine.

There is no better time than now to honour the yearnings, stirrings and callings that come from the deeper aspect of who you are. As we follow these signs and signals we discover we are more than what we have been “told” we are, or what or who we were “expected” to be.

“Too many of us are living our fears, living our past, living others expectations. It’s time to live from passion, to live with purpose, to embrace our creativity, to honour our gifts, to express the depth of our Soul, and the wisdom of our Higher Consciousness…” ~ Julie Parker

If feel a strong call to Pellowah and want to learn more about it check out “What is Pellowah” for more information or email: info@pellowahenergyhealing.com