Pellowah Practitioners Scotland

Pellowah Practitioners Scotland is a list of Certified Practitioners trained by Julie Parker (Pellowah Teacher No 263). Pellowah Practitioners offer in person sessions and distant healing sessions.

Pellowah is equally powerful in person or as a distant session. The advantage of a distant healing session is your ability to relax in your own environment, and not be pressured by driving or public transport stress. Equally once the session is complete you have the ability to simply stay in your relaxed state without feeling you need to leave before the Practitioners next client!

Currently over 75% of Pellowah sessions are completed at a distant. Please contact Pellowah Practitioners in Scotland directly through their listed website or Facebook Page to organise Pellowah Healing sessions. 

Pellowah is a simple, effective and powerful modality for spiritual awakening, spiritual growth, clarity, increased intuition, direction and purpose! If you are reading this then you are ready for a “Shift in Consciousness”

Please click here for information on Pellowah , or here for Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in participating in a Pellowah Level l & ll Workshop please see further information here.

Pellowah Practitioners Scotland

Leanne Wallace
Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre

Heather le Marquand
Libra Light
Facebook Page: Libra Light

Colette McKinlay
Wild Woman Holistics
Facebook Page: Wild Woman Holistics

Lesley Finlay
Holistic Therapies by Lesley
Facebook Page: Holistic Therapies by Lesley

Elaine Burns
Healing Journey
Facebook Page: Healing Journey

Stacey Tierney
Stacey’s Soul Journey
Facebook Page: stacey.soulsjourney

Claire Marie Macdonald
Breathe Therapies
Facebook Page: Breathe Therapies Glasgow

Paul McNeill
Peaceful Minds Scotland

Natalie Duthie
Glasgow Reflexology

Karin I. Zaandam
Serene Nature and Wellness

If you had told me I would be happy to lay still without music, aroma, touch, and no conversation for 60 minutes I would not have believed you! The sense of being in many places at the same time was a little unnerving at first, but as you said breathe through it. Low and behold I was amused hearing myself snoring, whilst being aware of outside noises, and knowing I was also somewhere else!

Today I feel incredible! Like someone has switched the light on and I am operating from a completely different place! I can’t wait for the next session!

Joanne Ross (Melbourne, Australia)
Pellowah Practitioners Scotland