Pellowah Practitioners Ireland

Welcome to Pellowah Practitioners UK ~ Pellowah Practitioners listed are trained by Julie Parker (Pellowah Teacher No 263) and based in the Ireland . Pellowah Practitioners offer in person sessions and distant healing sessions. Please contact Practitioners directly through their listed website or Facebook Page to organise Pellowah Healing sessions. 

Pellowah is a simple, effective and powerful modality for spiritual growth, clarity, direction and purpose! If you are reading this then you are ready for a “Shift in Consciousness”

Please click here for information on Pellowah , or here for Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in participating in a Pellowah Level l & ll Workshop please see further information here.

Helen Barry
FaceBook Page: Helen Barry

Gareth Duignam
True Spiritual Awakening

Sandra Rea
Sandra Rea – Angelic Bodies

Ciara Samuel
Anam Therapies
Facebook Page: Anam Therapies

Jo Ryder
Jo Ryder Therapist

Sandy Fierloos
Tranquil Waves Holistic Therapies
Facebook Page: Tranquil Waves Holistic Therapies