Pellowah Practitioners England

Pellowah Practitioners England is a list of Certified Practitioners trained by Julie Parker (Pellowah Teacher No 263). Pellowah Practitioners offer in person sessions and distant healing sessions.

Pellowah is equally powerful in person or as a distant session. The advantage of a distant healing session is your ability to relax in your own environment, and not be pressured by driving or public transport stress. Equally once the session is complete you have the ability to simply stay in your relaxed state without feeling you need to leave before the Practitioners next client!

Currently over 75% of Pellowah sessions are completed at a distant. Please contact Pellowah Practitioners in England directly through their listed website or Facebook Page to organise Pellowah Healing sessions. 

Pellowah is a simple, effective and powerful modality for spiritual awakening, spiritual growth, clarity, increased intuition, direction and purpose! If you are reading this then you are ready for a “Shift in Consciousness”

Please click here for information on Pellowah , or here for Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in participating in a Pellowah Level l & ll Workshop please see further information here.

Pellowah Practitioners England

Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox
Heart And Soul Horizons

Eunice Foster
Angelic Crystal Healing
Facebook Page: Angelic Crystal Healing

Christina Moore
Pellowah & Reiki Healing

Jane Hart
Hart 2 Heart Connections
Facebook Page: Hart 2 Heart Connections

Jean Rankin
Pellowah with Jean
Facebook Page: Pellowah with Jean

Gemma McAllister
Beautiful Journey Therapy

Anne Lloyd
Pellowah Healing Liverpool
Facebook Page: Pellowah Healing Liverpool

Jo Williams
Johanna Williams Wellbeing
Facebook Page: Johanna Williams Wellbeing

Georgie Deyn
Angelic Harmony Therapy

Jacqui Andrews
Sakura Energy Healing

Emma Wakefield
Emma Wakefield – Soul Success Alchemist

Angela Worsley
Indigo Light Therapies

Daiva Miceviciene
Daivos holistinė terapija
Facebook Page: Daivos holistinė terapija

Samantha Brown
Inara Serenity
Facebook Page: Inara Serenity

Sharon Horner
Whispering Breeze
Facebook Page: Whispering Breeze

Ali Holloway
Bloom & Blend Holistic Therapies
Facebook Page: Bloom & Blend Holistic Therapies

Susan Warner
Akitsu Holistics
Facebook Page: Akitsu Holistics

Debbie Beynon
Pellowah Healing for Radical Change
Facebook Page: Pellowah Healing for Radical Change

Maxine O’Connor
Ground Force Angels

Samantha Coombs
Facebook Page: Kaleidoslight

Sarah Watt
The Soul Space

Carla Greenwood
The Lunar Loving Witch

Yvonne Jones
Holberrow Holistics
Facebook Page: Holberrow Holistics

Anna Bojaryn
Tune Within

Nima Shah
Sai Beauty Clinic

Rachel Barnes
Earth Camp/Reiki Flow

Michelle Burnley
Perfect Balance

Julia Allen
Julia Pellowah & Crystal Healing

Jacky Rhodes
Marcia Rose Holistic Therapy
Facebook Page: Marcia Rose Holistic Therapy

Christine Hicklin
Christine’s Angelic Healing
Facebook Page: Christine’s Angelic Healing

Lucia A Cooper
Graceful Light

Gabrielle Anya Rafello
Koorana Wellbeing

Sara Cops
Hail with Sara
Facebook Page: Xhail with Sara

Debbie Luck
Nymah Healing

Michelle Williams
Heavenly Treasure Cannock
Facebook Page: Heavenly Treasures

Adam Smith
Phone: +44 (0)7927060612 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal)

Suraya Oliver
Phone: +(44) 07803 876 999 (WhatsApp)

Thank you so much for such a profound experience! Although during the session I did not feel or see anything, and have no idea if I was thinking or not, I do remember at the end you asking if there was something I wanted to share, and me saying “I got nothing”!!! Well 3 days later and I am buzzing with ideas, and feel at peace with where I am and where I am going! What a gift!

Darryl James (Auckland, New Zealand)
Pellowah Practitioners England