Julie Parker – Pellowah Teacher/Trainer
Healer, Visionary, Writer

Sometimes in life we are granted unseen gifts. My most recent gift was becoming a Pellowah Teacher.

The Universe brings us what we need at any given moment. If we are open and willing to flow with the nudges and signs it can be a magical journey of discovery! This is my experience of the Pellowah Healing Technique©

In May of 2017 the word “Pellowah” came into my line of vision. It popped up three times within 7 days – a sure sign I needed to take notice! I knew nothing of this technique despite having trained in multiple energy healing modalities, and actively exploring new opportunities as a Practitioner and recipient of energy healing for over 30 years! So strong was the Pellowah call, within a month I had found a teacher and attuned to Level 1 & 2.

Julie Parker - Pellowah TeacherPellowah felt like coming home. It is familiar and resonates at a very deep level. I knew without a doubt I would become a Pellowah teacher/trainer. In early 2018 having under gone a “radical shift” in all areas of my life – I attuned to Level 3 with Kachina Ma’an the founder of the Pellowah Healing Technique.

The joy of facilitating attunements for others is an immense gift! To see the changes happen within a 2 day workshop is miraculous! And I am immensely grateful for those who heed the call and embark on their own Pellowah journey. It is a privilege to see each participant unfolding their own truth and stepping into their true power.

One of the many things I love about Pellowah is the groundedness with which it is shared. I love its simplicity and its power! Kachina Ma’an has been guided at every step, from attunements, to workbooks, teaching and keeping the intention and purpose of Pellowah pure…

If you feel the call I would love the opportunity to share this magical technique with you!

If you are seeking a UK Practitioners or interested in attuning to Pellowah Level l & ll please click the appropriate links! Or contact me for additional information!

Find out about my journey to Pellowah in this podcast interview with Sandra Rea of Angelic Bodies.

In All Love and Gratitude
Julie Parker
Pellowah Teacher No: 263
United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand

+44 7389 197 264 United Kingdom
+61 458 169 295 Australia

“The Pellowah training from Julie is amazing.  I felt guided every step of the way and Julie held a very special space of love and listening throughout the training.”
~ Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox

“I am still receiving the gifts of the Pellowah Training I had with Julie nearly 6 months ago! Julie’s love and passion for Pellowah is inspirational in itself and when combined with an energetic, grounded and inclusive facilitation style, you’ll wish the training lasted for two months and not two days!
~ Merryl Simpson