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The Power of Pellowah

The Power of Pellowah

Unveiling the Power of Pellowah

In this interview with MysticMag, we explore the Power of Pellowah and how it works with shifting Consciousness.

In the serendipitous world of spiritual awakening, the discovery of Pellowah proved to be a transformative beacon for Julie Parker. After decades of immersion in Natural & Complementary Therapy, Julie’s encounter with Pellowah in May 2017 unfolded in a cafe during a moment of contemplation about the intricacies of the human journey.

Drawn by the animated exchange between two individuals discussing Pellowah, Julie embarked on a path that would redefine her approach to consciousness and well-being. Intrigued by the palpable shifts she witnessed in herself and her clients after the Level I & II Workshop, Julie’s journey extended beyond personal growth, leading her to become a Pellowah Teacher and Trainer. (For information on Pellowah Workshops click here)

Julie sheds light on the distinctive essence of Pellowah, emphasizing its focus on consciousness-shifting rather than conventional healing. As she shares stories of profound transformations from her students and imparts insights into her teaching approach, Julie invites those considering Pellowah training to heed the soul’s call, acknowledging that the journey towards change may appear as chaos but is, in essence, a divine unfolding of one’s true self. Read More Here